Ab Challenge: Week 1 Update

Random Feet Photo

This is just a quick update on the challenge!  It's been one week since I started and so far, so good. My teammates have all been very supportive and have even joined me on some days as I did the exercises.  I can already see an improvement; I can do some exercises for longer now, and the ones that aren't too difficult have become even easier.  Hopefully in a few more weeks I'll be an abs master :P

One thing I like about working on my abs is the variety in exercises.  Sometimes it's nice to mix things up and try something new, and it keeps things interesting.  This week I joined two of my teammates, Christy and Catherine, as they used giant medicine balls in their ab circuit (edit: I found out the balls are called "swiss balls").  I struggled with it, but enjoyed it a lot, so I think I'll definitely try it out again.

Have any of you started the challenge?  Let me know how it's going, if you have!

Stay Active!

<3 Gemma