Ab Challenge: Week 2 Update

Planks with Team 5

Another update! Earlier this week I realized I never said how long the challenge would last, so I'm just going say it will last 5 weeks total, so this is the halfway point! The numbering of the challenge posts kind of makes it a little confusing in terms of my weekly progress, but it is the third week for those who might have gotten confused!

Aside from that there's not much to update concerning the challenge. It's starting to become a habit to just do the exercises after practices, which was one of my reasons for starting the challenge.  By the time the challenge is over I hope that it's natural for me to just do some core exercises without a second thought.

This week's pictures make me smile every time I see them.  They feature a few more of my teammates, and feature Toria! (The girl who's having the most fun with our planks).  Check them out, I guarantee they'll brighten your day!

Stay Active!

<3 Gemma