My Thoughts Before, During, and After a Hard Workout


This is just a list of my general thought process on a hard workout day.  Read on and be amused 😊


  • I wonder what we're doing today.
  • Wait, what was all that again?
  • Wait, what was the rest?
  • And how fast are these?
  • OK, push hard in the beginning and go from there.
  • 1, 2, 3...GO!


  • That wasn't too bad.  I can do this.
  • That was too fast.
  • That was good.  Try and stick with that pace.
  • I like this song.
  • I'm tired.
  • That was too slow.  Need to push harder for longer.
  • OK, after this you're halfway there.
  • Why is there no air in here?!
  • Stupid lungs.  Deep breaths, Gemma.  BREATHE!
  • It's OK if you tear up, as long as you finish.
  • Oh God, who put this wall [of resistance] here?
  • Why aren't my legs moving?  Move legs!
  • One More.  You're almost there!


  • *gasping for air*
  • Need.  Foam Roller.  Now.
  • *after my coach tells us to walk a lap* Walk?  What does he mean walk?  That's impossible!
  • I can't wait for food.  And a nap.