Weekly Eats 11.16.14


These past few weeks have been extremely busy for me.  The week before Thanksgiving break seems to be one where professors all decide that huge assignments need to be due, one after the other, so instead of cooking during the tiny amounts of free time that I usually have, I read, wrote, and edited essays and bibliographies.  During that time most of my meals were spread out with snacking, or they were all super quick and easy to make. 

On Thursday, a couple of student groups on campus put together a free Thanksgiving meal featuring African, Haitian/West Indian, and Black foods that I was more than happy to partake in.  It hasn't been my healthiest week, but not every week can be a huge success :P  

This week’s (general) menu:
Breakfast – Oatmeal, sometimes with almonds depending on my mood
Snack 1 – Granola bar; Popcorn; Tennen Koubo Japanese Hokkaido Cream Bread
Lunch – Chicken Quesadilla; Grilled Cheese
Snack 2 – Pineapple; Apple
Dinner – Pasta w/ marinara sauce, spinach, garlic bread; Pesto Chicken Sandwich; Mac & Cheese

Stay Healthy! ❤ Gemma