Motivation Monday | The Finishing Kick


There have been so many times, on and off the track, where I contemplated just stopping and giving up.  Just the other week, during a particularly difficult rep, a thought popped in my mind, as it occasionally does as I'm pushing my body to its limits. 

"What if I just stopped right here?  Why am I torturing myself?"

The answer is simple.  The feeling of finishing, of getting through something difficult, is something that is hard to describe.  Knowing you completed something so extremely challenging, even with your doubts, is so rewarding that it's hard to replicate with anything else.  Coaches teach their athletes to "finish strong" - the race isn't over until you cross the finish line.  You run through the line even at practice, just so that it becomes a habit that you won't be able to break. 

Like many things in track, this translates to life outside the track as well.  Finish strong.  Give it all you've got until the very end, and you just might be surprised by the results it brings.

Just keep this in mind as you're toiling away this week. 

Happy Monday!

❤ Gemma