2015 Patriot League Indoor Championships | Day 3: Frustration and the 4x400

I wrote this whole post earlier today, but when I came back to edit it, I found that it hadn't saved properly 😭

So I'm just going to post quick bullet points for all of you to enjoy and interpret at will.  Leave a comment if you want to know more details about anything! 

  • Warm-ups for the 60m and the 200m went well.  Nothing unusual there.
  • I ran one of the best 60m dashes of my life, but due to technical difficulties, I didn't get a time for it #UltimateFrustration
  • The 200m came and went.  Not one of the best or worst races of my life.
  • I was dead by the time I had to warm-up for the 4x400 Relay.  Somehow, I was wide awake on the line.
  • Halfway through the race the exhaustion hit, and I pretty much finished the race on fumes
  • I died after the relay.  Cramps, crawling, and dry heaving ensued.
  • Ended my last Collegiate Indoor Conference with my first ever Conference gold medals and was named Patriot League Outstanding Track Athlete of the Meet.  Pretty good for a walk-on, if I do say so myself 😉

Thanks for sticking with me through this indoor season, and I hope to perform even better during outdoor! ❤ Gemma