Collegiate Reflections + A Short Week in Review: May 31

A little over a week ago I ran my last collegiate race as a Boston University Terrier.  Five days later I began training as an athlete who is still looking to achieve her track dreams.  What seems like a major leap, happened in merely a few seconds -- the shift so seamless I barely noticed it.  I didn't feel a crushing regret in not making it to the next round in the NCAA East Regional Meet, or even to Nationals (though I did regret not being able to run my goal time for the season).  Instead, I found myself already looking to the future, already beginning to make plans for the rest of the summer and even for the upcoming year.  Its already apparent that things will be both the same and different.  I'll take that next step to reaching real adult status, you know, paying bills, working, etc.  I'm both excited and anxious to about these changes, and find myself facing them head on  as they come. 

Flash Forward to this past week. 

I've started a slightly more intense training than what I was doing before Reigionals.  I have a few weeks before my next meet, so I'm getting back to weightlifting (Yay!) and actually being sore after practice (Yay?).  I can already tell you the soreness hit hard, and the days of needing a nap after practice have returned.  I'm excited to get back into strengthening and conditioning my body again, and I'm excited to refine the small details that make all the difference.

Weekly Workout Recap (5/31-6/06):
Sun – Rest
Mon – Rest
Tues – Warm Up + General Strength Circuit
Wed – Accels. - Blocks
Thurs – Dribbles + Strides
Fri – Max Velocity - Fly Runs
Sat – Shake Out