Week in Review | June 7

When I sat down and tried to think of how to describe this week, I basically drew a blank.  It's was so all over the place, and I'm sure this post will come off as nonsensical rambling because of that, but bear with me.

  • So, I guess I'll start at my sleep schedule:  it's screwed.  Like all summers, I somehow managed to transition from falling asleep and waking up at weirdly exact times, to just falling asleep and waking up based on the whims of the day.  I'm still getting about 8 hours, just not in the normal sleeping time periods.  Good thing it's summer, and it doesn't matter as much.
  • Near the end of my college track season (late May-early June) my eating habits went to hell, and I was basically just grabbing anything that was convenient.  Don't get me wrong, I still tried to choose the healthier options, but I like to think it's still not as healthy as cooking things for myself.  After everything settled now, I started my slow transition back into weekly meal plans.  That was a struggle but was desperately needed, as meal planning saves me a ton of money (about 80-100 dollars a week).  Along with that, I'm trying to incorporate salads and smoothies into my diet, as well as actively attempting to consume more water.  All three are extremely hard for me to do.  I'm very picky with food, so I generally have to make most things myself to make sure I'll enjoy it.  As for water, the only time I can enjoy it is when it's iced or during a workout, when it suddenly becomes an elixir from the gods.  Despite all that, I'm still trying to make myself adapt to it.  Hopefully by the end of summer, I won't even think twice to having a salad for lunch, or not drinking juice on the regular.
  • When I'm not on the track or in the classroom, I'm either working on getting my life in order or procrastinating on getting my life in order.  At its core, my life right now is just trying to keep myself motivated every day.  I make small steps daily, and I'm hopeful that all the work I'm putting in will pay off.  I'd love to know what it feels like not to worry about the immediate future, but I guess it wouldn't be worth it if it came easy...or would it...hmmm....
  • And of course my thoughts for the week kept coming back to the future of this blog - on possible future posts and on the direction I want to take it.  I think alongside talking about training, I'll start writing slightly more personal posts on my day-to-day life.  Maybe I'll even start making vlogs if I get the right equipment for it.    Let me know if you guys would be interested in any of that.  I'd love the feedback ❤

Weekly Workout Recap (5/31-6/06):
Sun – Rest
Mon – Sleds Paired w/ Short Accels. + Lift
Tues – Hard Tempo
Wed – Rest
Thurs – Buildups + Olympic Lift
Fri – Max Velocity - Fly Runs
Sat – Shake Out

So, how was your week?  Do anything exciting?  Run any good races?  Comment below and let me know!

P.S.  As I was editing this post, I found out that I'm currently ranked 10th in the 100 in Africa.  It made my whole week, and it's only just begun 😝