TRUE LIFE: I’m on a Healthy Lifestyle Journey but...



Seeing as how I am a southern girl at heart it should come as no surprise that summertime is my FAVORITE time of the year. Chick-fil-a on every corner, sweet tea that is actually sweet and the unbearable Georgia couldn’t get any better, right! But with the heat comes this overwhelming desire (for me, at least) to not do anything that requires me to sweat even more than the sun is already allowing. There have definitely been countless days after work where I end up in my bed with a jar of peanut butter, container of Double Stuffed Oreos, and Broad City re-runs instead of working out like I said I was going to.

Buuut that’s neither here nor there 😊 I’ve noticed that I just needed a little extra PUSH to get me back on my healthy lifestyle journey. I’ve read countless blogs and articles about being healthier overall and have come to the consensus that everyone’s journey is going to be different. So here are a few things that I’ve found get me motivated, even when eating a whole bag of Starburst Jellybeans seems life a better decision at the moment.

Create a Workout Playlist

I’ve noticed that I don’t enjoy my workout as much if my background music doesn’t match my mood or doesn’t pump me up. I get distracted and start thinking about how much running actually sucks or how my sides hurt like crazy, of if I’m going to install Marley Twists later, or if my favorite wing spot will be open by the time I’m done with this workout. See what I’m trying to get at? Having the perfect music playlist of high-energy classics to get you pumped will not only motivate but will also help to focus your mind and add a positive tone to your workout.

Meal Planning

Gemma has some great blog posts on meal planning, so be sure to check them out! Essentially, meal planning works to make healthy eating as affordable, easy, and efficient as possible. Now instead of spending hours in the kitchen every night trying to figure what to cook next, you can plan out your whole week of meals ahead of time!

Surround Yourself with Supporters!

Making a lifestyle change can be challenging at times, and having people by your side that support you can make a world of a difference. Whether it’s a workout buddy that encourages you to drag yourself to the gym on those days when you’ve really just given up, or a roommate that helps you with your meal planning, supporters are always appreciated!

Researchers have found that it can take between two to eight months to form a new habit, so don’t be frustrated with yourself at the beginning of your “Healthy Lifestyle” journey. There are going to be some bumps in the road, but as long as you find what keeps you motivated keep working towards the end goal and take some time enjoy the journey along the way.  

Safe travels ✌

- Brandi