Week in Review | June 21

Week in Review; June 21 - Actively Gemma

Lately, I've been feeling as if summer is coming into full effect.  The weather has finally gotten warmer, the days are starting to blend together, and I can never keep track of what day of the week it is.  

I finished my last English class ever, and will hopefully pick up my undergrad degree sometime this week.  Since I finished the class, I decided to work on my ever-growing summer reading list.  I'm starting with something I've technically already read, How To Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie.  This time through I'm trying to actually put the principles into practice by using a closer reading style and trying to see where things fit into my life.  I've also been focusing more on eating healthy.  My main challenge - battling the cravings.  I've been eating a lot more fruit so that I'm not tempted to eat candy (why are Nerds ropes so delicious?!) and trying to find new replacements for every day foods, like nuggets and fries.  I bought these cool fries made out of carrots and potatoes which were pretty tasty.  Not exactly the same as McDonald's, but good enough 😛

How has your week been?  Any summer goals you're working on?

Weekly Workout Recap (6/14-6/20):
Sun – Rest
Mon – Light Accel. + Weightlifting
Tues – Tempo - Knee Dribbles + Medball Circuit + Exercises
Wed – Rest
Thurs – Sprint Complex
Fri – Ankle Dribbles + Weightlifting 
Sat – Shakeout