▸ Week in Review | June 28

Week in Review - Actively Gemma

This week was a semi-tapering week.  I'm awaiting confirmation for a meet scheduled in Canada next weekend (technically this weekend now), hence the tapering.  I have been having some slight tightness in areas, that have come near the end of a few of my sessions, and completely disappear by the next day.  On Monday my groin/hip area got so tight that I couldn't even finish my last rep properly.  Usually, I'll feel better after a nap, but it hadn't lessened after hours of me doing nothing, so I put a heat pack on it for the night.  Thankfully, that did the trick.  I'm not too worried about because of how quick my body seems to be bouncing back.  I think I might try heating before high-intensity practice to help loosen my muscles a little more and because my body responds so well to it.

Other than that, my week was pretty much spent being social.  A few friends returned to Boston after being away, so I visited and hung out with them.  If you know me, you know that I'm a self-proclaimed introvert (but isn't everyone nowadays?).  I avoid going out if I don't have to, but every now and then I get the urge to be a good friend and talk face-to-face with my friends.  

Also...NEW VLOG!!  This one is much shorter, so everyone that said they didn't watch my first one because it was "too long", you have basically no excuse now 😏  I still haven't gotten comfortable with talking directly to my camera, yet.  Hopefully the next one will have much more explanation without the text.  Anyway, how was your week?  Anything out of the ordinary happen?

Weekly Workout Recap (6/14-6/20):
Sun – Rest
Mon – Accel. - Blocks + Hard 120
Tues – Tempo - Dribbles + General Strength
Wed – Rest
Thurs – Mat Bounds w/ & w/o Medball
Fri – Accel. - Short Block Session 
Sat – Shakeout

P.S.  Just an FYI, I now place the "▸" at the beginning of my blog posts that contain videos 😊