Gemma's Monthly Goals | July 2015

Lately, I've been making daily and weekly to-do lists and instead of just pretending to be productive I've actually been trying my best to complete them.  If you guys saw this week's Motivation Monday post, you know that the motivation for this week was focused around habits.  I chose the quote because it made me pause and actually think about my daily habits.  

Are my habits really helping me get where I want to be?  Sometimes.  

I'm trying to make that sometimes into an always.  So, as a way to help myself along, I decided to make monthly goals for myself, as a sort "theme" to center my weekly to-do lists on.  I decided to choose only a few to focus on, so that I don't get overwhelmed and fail completely.  Do you make monthly goals?  If so, what are your goals for July?  

Click through to view my goal for the week!


  1. KEEP UP WITH THE BLOG.  I've been on a roll with my blogging these past few weeks, and I'm actually very proud of myself for it.  I've actually created an almost-schedule that's working, and even posted my very first vlog!  I'm hoping to continue to post frequently and make vlogs that you all can enjoy!
  2. FINISH READING HOW TO WIN FRIENDS & INFLUENCE PEOPLE.  I started this book last week, and have been reading it on and off during my daily commute.  It's a fun read and I'm enjoying the advice that Dale Carnegie gives.  I'm hoping to get as much as possible out of this book, and then to move onto the next book on my summer reading list.
  3. CONTINUE TO EAT HEALTHY AND START A FOOD JOURNAL.  I've been doing pretty well with staying on track with my healthy eating, but I think writing down what I eat each day will be a good way to keep myself in check.  I also want to make some more posts on meal planning (at the request of some of you), so this will help me to remember my meal details for those posts.  I think this will be the hardest of my goals, so I'm going to put a lot of effort into writing in the journal every day.