Week in Review | July 5

week in review

This week was spent in anticipation for finally getting to run a race (finally!). I planned to run at the TrackTown Classic in Edmonton during the week, but due to some complications, quickly opted to run in a smaller meet in New York.  Friday found me lounging in a hotel with my teammate, Flings, and her boyfriend, Ramon, who is a hurdler for the Dominican Republic.  The weather on race day was great, though it took some getting used to.  By the time finals came around I felt a lot better and my race felt much smoother.  I wish my time reflected that, but I'm not too disappointed.  I've planned to run at another meet in a few days, and I'm hoping those results will be something I can really get excited about.  I'll let you guys know how it goes next week, but if you want quicker updates you can follow me on Twitter or Facebook.

So, how was your week?  Did anything unexpected happen?


Weekly Workout Recap (7/05-7/11):
Sun – Rest
Mon – Dribbles - Ankle, Calf, Knee
Tues – Accel. - Blocks 
Wed – Rest
Thurs – Shakeout - Dribble Series + Strides
Fri – Pre-Meet Shakeout
Sat – Meet Day