Week in Review | It's Good to be Back

One of my main meals for the week: Filipino Chicken Adobo w/ Brown Rice, and Spinach Salad

I feel like it's been forever since I've been in Boston for a whole week.  When I saw my coach on Monday we joked about only seeing each other face to face for maybe two or three days max in the past two weeks.  I don't have any immediate plans for meets in the near future, and I'm both happy to be back and disappointed that I don't have any races lined up.

I'm not going to let all my "free" time go to waste, though.  I plan to take this month to fully immerse myself in training and work on things I feel I really need to focus on more.  That means it's back to the weight room for some heavy lifting and a lot more work on building my strength up for the All-Africa Games in September.  

Coach Sanders soaking up the rays during one of my rests.

All in all, it's been great to be back and settled, again.  Traveling is fun, but it always makes me appreciate the smaller things that I usually take for granted - like eating whatever I'm in the mood for because I can cook my own meals, haha.  I finally went grocery shopping and actually made a meal plan and shopping list.  I feel like I've just been grabbing meals day-by-day, and so it felt nice to only have to go grocery shopping once and be done with it.  I'll try and post some snapshots and recipes during the month, just so you can have an idea of what my idea of a healthy meal consists of.  This week's recipe will most likely be simple homemade granola bars.

So tell me, how has your week been?  Anything exciting happen?

Weekly Workout Recap (7/26-8/01):
Sun – Rest
Mon – Mini Shakeout - Super Short Starts + Biking + Dribbles
Tues – Max Velocity - Long Accels. + Heavy Lifting
Wed – Shakeout
Thurs – Tempo
Fri – Dribbles + Heavy Sled Walks
Sat – Shakeout

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