What I Ate Wednesday | How a Non-Athlete Fuels Herself

Hi, everyone!  Today's post is a guest blog from Alison at Daily Moves and Grooves!  I wouldn't classify her as a NARP (non-athletic regular person) since she is an active person, so let's just say she's an awesome girl who makes my eating look like crap and has a talent for making her daily life sound super interesting, haha.  I love reading her "What I Ate Wednesday" posts, and figured a lot of my readers would love it, too!  She even shared an awesome recipe for a green overnight oat smoothie bowl!  Check out Alison's post below!

Hello, Actively Gemma followers! My name is Alison, and I’m the {Asian, baby-faced} face behind Daily Moves and Grooves. Gemma kindly reached out to me about a WIAW blog switch-up to show our readers the comparison between an athlete’s and a non-athlete’s day of eats. Pretty cool idea to me!

I love working out, and I consider myself a very active person (maybe not athlete status like Gemma, but I love fitness in many forms). However, I have a history of disordered eating, which has understandably messed up my hormones. As a result, I am currently in a low intensity, low frequency exercise phase while still maintaining a high calorie intake in order to gain weight and hopefully get my hormones back on track!

Thus, you might notice that I eat just as much (if not, more) than Gemma on a daily basis despite not exercising nearly as much as her. Our eating is entirely dependent on the individual’s body and goals!


This is a fantastic meal for the summer— a green overnight oat smoothie bowl. The night before, I threw these ingredients into the blender:

1/2 c. 2% milk

1/2 c. rolled oats

1/3 c. plain Greek yogurt

1 heaping tbsp. peanut butter

~1 tsp. chia seeds

cinnamon and nutmeg

pinch of salt

In the morning I just added another splash of milk, a couple handful of mixed greens, and one frozen banana.

Topped with granola and eaten with a spoon, as the best smoothies should be eaten. I was running on little sleep on Monday, so I actually took a short nap after breakfast.

Morning Snacks

I ate my breakfast pretty early, and after some housework in the late morning I ate a spoonful of Nuttzo Power Fuel at home…

Nuttzo Power Fuel

…and a mini blueberry oatmeal bar in the car before my physical therapy internship to keep my energy up.

mini blueberry oatmeal bar


I had a shorter day at my internship on Monday, but by the time I left at 2 pm, I was READY for lunch. Imagine me eating this like the Cookie Monster eats cookies.

I packed a sandwich with tomato basil cheddar, greens, two fried eggs, sriracha, and mustard on two slices of Dave’s Killer Bread (<— favorite bread right now!). Some watermelon wedges served as a nice palate cleanser. 

Afternoon Snack

I was still low on energy due to lack of sleep, so I ate a bunch of these kettle Popcorners before doing some more errands and taking yet another nap. 

Kettle Popcorners

Eat, sleep, repeat. Call me an infant.


I knocked out some more chores and an 8 minute ab session before cooking up this delicious Chicken Piccata (lemon caper chicken) for my dad and myself.

Chicken Piccata
tomatoes, carrots, and hummus

Served over barley and eaten alongside tomatoes and carrots with hummus.


Homemade Banana Nut Scone

I always have to end on a sweet note, and Monday’s sweet of choice was a homemade banana nut scone with peanut butter and glass o’ 2% milk.

There ya have it! A day full of eats for a non-athlete. I used to be afraid of eating “too much” on days when I didn’t work out, but I’ve learned that my body needs a greater amount of food on my rest days. When I start working out more again, I’ll have to eat even more.

Thanks for having me, Gemma! 

Don't forget, you can catch Alison on her blog, as well as on PinterestFacebook, Twitter and Instagram!

No, thank you for the awesome post, Alison!  I'm always trying to grab some good ideas for what to eat from her (and you should, too!).  I love looking at Alison's breakfasts and snacks because they're so diverse.  I always just end up eating the same thing every day ><  

What's your favorite breakfast?  

What are your favorite things to snack on?

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