VLOG | My Week With the Odd Couple

A few weeks ago, I managed to escape Boston after finding a few last minute track meets to race in.  I jumped at the chance to test my legs, and immediately went into a frenzy to get things in order and get to New York.  I planned on meeting my teammate, Flings, and her boyfriend, Ramon, when I got there, and basically hang with them for the week as we competed in New York and Canada.  In between those meets, I hung out at their home in Syracuse and we all basically became best friends, haha.  

One thing I really loved about staying with them was the feeling of kindred spirits. Being an athlete is tough, and a lot of the choices we make in life are centered on our athletic goals.  For example, I don't go out a lot because I'm either a) too tired from practice, b) preparing for a hard practice tomorrow, or c) busy trying to figure life out.  Staying with Ramon and Flings allowed me to see that a lot of us have the same worries, and that it's OK to spend a lot of our time recuperating.  One day, all of us even spent all day after practice napping.  Napping!  Not many people I know take naps anymore (even though I tell them it's amazing), so finding out that they took naps, too, was relief (Look, everyone!  I'm normal!)

Other than that, we spent our time eating, talking, watching Ramon play Super Smash Bros.  and driving everywhere.  We went to Ottawa, Canada at some point and happened to be at a meet where the Canadian men's 4x100 team had a practice run before Pan-Ams.  That was a fun surprise, and I managed to vlog it, too!  

I had a great time with the "odd couple".  I'll see Flings at our next competition (All-Africa Games), but I probably won't see Ramon for a long while.  I can't wait until I get to hang out with them both again!  

You can find Flings and Ramon on Twitter! @FlingsJ and @Ray1man

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