Week in Review | "Prepare to be Sore"

This week I continued my new training cycle.  Last week, my coach told me to "prepare to be sore" when describing what it would be like.  My first thoughts after hearing that?  

"But I'm already sore.  How much more sore can I be?"

The answer is tons more.  I've basically been icing, heating, stretching, and rolling out various parts of my body as needed.  I do feel a sense of accomplishment from being sore, though.  I've been learning a lot of new techniques (weightlifting, bounding, and everything in-between) and trying to perfect some old ones.  It can get pretty frustrating at times.  I'm one of those people that asks a million questions to make sure I understand what I have to do.  In fact, it's become a running joke between my teammates that I always ask for clarification when we hear our workouts, haha!  But, it's what works for me, so I'll keep it up :P

Not much else really happened this week.  I joined Nike Boston for a 3 mile run spontaneously.  It was...interesting, to say the least.  I definitely enjoyed the atmosphere and meeting people, though.  I might try again later, at a much slower pace, though xP

How was your week?  Do anything fun?  Did you try anything new, too?

Weekly Workout Recap (8/02-8/08):
Sun – Rest
Mon – Plyometrics + Accel. (Blocks)
Tues – Biking + General Strength
Wed – The HArdest Bounding in the World
Thurs – Shakeout - 3 mile jog
Fri – Plyo + Speed Dribbles 
Sat – Shakeout - General Strength + Squat Walks

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