2015 Patriot League Indoor Championships | Day 2: Getting Through the Heats


Day 2 of the Championships featured me running pretty much all day.  I had the 60 prelims and semis, as well as the 200 prelims to run, and I was excited to get the day started. 

The 60 Preliminary Round

Navy had super specific rules about where they wanted us to warmup and for how long.  The warmup area was a narrow gym with very slippery floors, so it was OK for general warm-up activities, but not for any type of fast strides or starts.  This in itself wasn't unusual.  I've been too a few meets where the warm-up area was in a gym.  However, at these other meets, they allowed you onto the track to get your strides in, and to put on your spikes to get some starts in.  This wasn't the case with Navy.  I'm not sure how they expected us to really warm-up with this rule in place.  Maybe their athletes don't do any as part of their warm-ups.  I don't know, all I know is half my warm-up consists of me trying to go as fast as I can.  My coaches ended up talking them into letting us onto the track, though, so after that crisis was averted, everything went pretty smoothly.  My start for my race wasn't that great, but I won by a large margin in my heat, so I passed through to the next round fairly easily.

The 60m Semi-Final Round

One thing I really enjoyed about conference was that most of my events were close enough together in time that I didn't have to do my full warm-up multiple times.  I just got in the stretches and exercises I felt I needed, did my sprint drills, and headed straight for the track to get situated.  The actual semi-final round went about the same as the prelim.  My start was a little better, and my time reflected that, but it definitely wasn't my best.

The 200m Preliminary Round

By the time the 200 came I was kind of getting tired.  And when I say kind of, I mean I was tired.  I'd been awake since 7AM, and warming up and competing since 12PM.  By the time the 200 came around, it was 4:30PM.  I did a short warm-up, and didn't do too many strides.  At this point in my track career, I know my body well enough to know what it can take.  Doing too much in my warm-up would have just made me way too tired to get anything good out of the race.  I felt warm and I had already run so much that day that I knew what I needed to do to go fast.  While my competitors whizzed past me in their warm-up run, I just sat on a bench and waited for my heat to be called.  Unluckily for me, I was in the last heat (7 out of 7), and since all the heats were allowed to use blocks, I felt like I was waiting forever to go.  By then I was a little afraid I was too tired to even win my heat, but that ended up not being the case.  I didn't run the 200 as well as I could have, though.  Because I was so tired, I pushed hard for all of 150m before I started to tighten up on the last straightaway.  Despite this, I finished first in my heat and ended the day ranked first in both the 60m and the 200m.


After that extremely long day I made sure to roll out, stretch, and ice bath.  I knew the next day would be a lot harder on my body, and wanted to try and reset my body as close to neutral as I could get.

All in all, Day 2 of the championships went pretty well.  I ended it knowing what I had to do for my next races and excited to see what I could get done on the track on day 3.  But you'll have to wait on the next post to see how that last day turned out.  Until then, stay active!

❤ Gemma

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