Done With My First Training Cycle of the Season

This week was a recovery week for the team and I.  Essentially, this means we've completed 3 weeks on of full volume, full intensity workouts.  Recovery week is our last week of the cycle, which has the same intensity workouts, but at a much lighter volume.  

For the rest of the team, they also had testing in jumps and running, as well as getting new clean, squat, and deadlift maxes.  Last year I made a post on my test week and why it's a great way to get an athlete's 'progress report'.  This year I skipped testing and maxing out with the team.  

Since I started a whole cycle after them, I just didn't feel I was in the right place physically to get where I wanted to on the track and in the weight room.  I'm going to wait until December before I  do my own testing.  I'll make sure to let you all know how I do when that happens, of course!

Other than that, my week went by pretty smoothly.  I got tons of work done Friday and today (Sunday), and I started cleaning my massive mess of a room.  I was invited to go out and celebrate a friend's birthday yesterday, but I eventually opted to stay in, save money, and catch up on work instead.  I felt really bad about it, especially since I've been terrible at socializing these past two weeks (even more so than usual).  This coming week I'm really going to push myself to get out of my room and catch up with them - even if it kills me!  (I hope it doesn't, though).

Do you ever have trouble staying in touch with friends?  How do you deal with it?

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