GEMMA'S Goals for October 2015

Because of how hectic September was for me I couldn't put together a good post on my goals for the month.  Now that I'm back in Boston, and getting back into a stable routine, I'm jumping back into my monthly goals to keep track of what I want to get out of each month.



  1. GET ONE LEGIT SPONSOR.  I started looking for sponsors during the summer, but I didn't get very far because of so many-last minute plans.  Now that I'll be in Boston for months on end, I really want to get back into promoting myself and finding another sponsor (even a minor one) to help lessen the burden of being a professional athlete (who also works part-time).  
  2. GIVE MY PATREON PAGE A REAL PUSH.  I made a Patreon for myself in August, and snuck the announcement of it at the end of my August Goals post.  Now, I really want to have a push for it, as another way to supplement my professional athlete life.  For those of you that don't know, Patreon is a site for creators and such to get financial support from fans.  However, unlike other crowd-funding sites, it is set up on a monthly cycle.  So, a person can donate $20 every month until they cancel it.  Of course, one month payments are possible (just donate once and cancel afterwards), but I chose Patreon to encourage a more recurring donation process.
  3. SUCCESSFULLY TRANSITION BACK INTO TRAINING.  This week I started getting back into training to prepare for next week, when I jump head-first into my new training season.  I'm both excited and anxious to get back into things (as usual), but I'm really looking forward to putting my all out there for the Olympic year.

There aren't too many goals for the month, but the ones I do have are big ones.  

Are you tackling any big goals for October?  

I'd love to know if I'm not alone in aiming high!