How To Transition And Stick To Healthy Habits

One of the main focuses of this blog is to document my transition to a healthier lifestyle, and how you can, too. So, every now and then I've made sure to highlight my goals of trying to eat healthier and how I've attempted to lead a healthier lifestyle overall.

As of late, I haven't mentioned it much because I've felt like I took two steps forward and five giant steps back. A few months ago, I had successfully weaned myself off soda, stopped eating candy, and was slowly but surely drinking more water every day. I had my meal planning and prepping down to a science and I felt awesome both physically and mentally.

Fast forward to today, and I'm back to drinking soda whenever I get the chance (i.e. whenever it's free), have fallen behind in my Sunday meal prep (but I'm working on it), and I'm 90% sure these headaches I keep getting after practice are due to dehydration (oops). All in all, I haven't gone back to square one, but I'm not where I want to be with my goals. All this means I'm going to start over in getting back into those great habits I was so proud of. So, today I'm sharing with you just how I transition and stick to healthy habits all in 2 easy ish steps!

@@Successfully transition and stick to healthy habits in 2 easy steps!@@

how to successfully transition and stick to healthy habits - actively gemma

Step 1: Figure Out What Habits You Want To Change

This step is easy. You've probably already got it figured out. What healthy habits do you want to establish for yourself? Eating healthier? Exercising more frequently? Getting more sleep? Drinking more water? All the above?

The main point to remember here is not to try and change everything at once. You'll get overwhelmed and won't be able to keep up with each one. This will start a horrible chain reaction that will most likely end in failure and disappointment. So no matter how long the list is, choose one or two goals to work towards and focus on them for the time being.

@@For a greater chance at succes, focus on 1 or 2 habits to change at a time.@@

Step 2: Make Small Changes Where Applicable

The key to making habits stick is to transition into them slowly. If you have tons of success going cold turkey, then that's awesome! However, I assume you've read this far because that method has not rung tried and true for you.

So, stick to small steps. If you drink soda every day, try and cut back to once a week. Drink one extra glass of water every day. Add that side salad to your meal while your at it! All these things seem minuscule and unimportant, but they add up.

Soon, you won't even remember the last time you drank soda, or why you haven't eaten veggies with every meal your whole life! Take things one step at a time and the change will come.

@@Changing habits slowly give you a margin of error that won't immediately lead to defeat.@@

healthy snack fruits and granola

Bonus Tip For When Times Get Tough And Temptation Is Calling!

If you're having trouble cutting back, try tricking your body. When I stopped eating candy, I replaced that craving for sugar with fruit. So, my body got the sugar it craved, but in a much healthier fashion. When I stopped drinking soda, I drank juice and smoothies instead. There's usually a reason behind your bad habit, and if you can figure out what that is and treat it at its source, it will make the transition to a healthier habit all the more easier!

@@Figuring out the underlying reason behind bad habits makes adopting better ones a walk in the park!@@

Now that you know what you need to do, go out and give it a try! My first goals are saying no to soda and sitting down to plan my meals every Sunday.

What habits are you looking to adopt? Let me know so we can get healthier together!