Is It Really Sunday If You Haven't Had Brunch?


Last Sunday I went out to celebrate a friend's birthday and remembered just how awesome it is not to cook on Sunday.  I never truly appreciated the act of "brunching" until I moved to Boston and was presented with a million restaurants offering their own variations of it.  Whether I'm making it myself or eating out at some random eatery, I can't imagine a Sunday without brunch.  

This week was also a big week for me in the "adulting" realm.  I got a job!  Well, it's technically an internship, but it's something!  I get to do what I love (content development) while gaining experience and pumping up my resume and portfolio.  The company is currently based out of the Harvard Innovation Lab (aka the i-lab), so now I get to wander around Harvard and act as if I go there, haha!  

On this fitness side of things, I started to gradually get back into running again.  I've been warming up with the team and then helping to supervise them as they finished up the rest of their practice.  It was a rest week for everyone, so it was the perfect time to jump back in.  Next week we'll all start fresh on a new training cycle, which I'm really looking forward to.  

I'm also thinking of starting another ab challenge.  A good core is essential for runners and I've been told it's also helpful for people who sit in front of screens all day.  What do you guys think?  Would you want to join in on it this year?  Let me know, and I'll get working on it ASAP :)   

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