▶ Motivation Monday | Why Feeling Motivated Gets Us Nowhere


I stumbled upon a video sometime last week where Nonso Okolo, a UK triple jumper, briefly talked about how the simple feeling of being motivated isn't the only thing a person needs to accomplish their goals.  But what else do you need?  

Nonso mentions that people often feel motivated for short bursts of time, but then they slowly lose that initial momentum.  I connected with the message immediately, as I'm often guilty of falling into the motivation trap he describes.  I'll get into phases where I'm really motivated and want to accomplish a particular goal, and then as time passes I start feeling procrastinating and pushing things off until they fall to the wayside.  His solution?  Habit.  Try to make motivation a daily habit, so it becomes a part of your everyday mindset.

Here's Nonso's video for a little more depth on the motivation problem.

I'm slowly but surely trying to make being motivated a part of my daily routine.  When I wake up in the morning I try to think of the things I can do to work on my goals, and write them down in my planner.  If I do complete them that day, I just move them to the top of the list for the next day to make it a priority.  So far it has been working, and I've actually been going to bed feeling like I haven't wasted the day.

Do any of you also suffer from this problem?  What have you done to try to fix it?  Let me know in the comments below!

You can find more about Nonso and London Reign Sports on his Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  You can also help support him and his training team, @London Reign Sports, at their Gofundme page.