NARP Chronicles with Brandi Brittain


Hey y’all! hand waving emoji. I’m Brandi, one of Gemma’s many friends on campus, and according to Gemma I fit into this wonderful and exclusive collection of people that are considered NARP’s (non-athletic regular person). Now, before any of my fellow “regular” people take offense to this, being a NARP actually has its perks! I’m never the first person to get a call when someone needs help moving, because, (well let’s face it) I can barely move my own furniture in my room without needing assistance (thanks Gemma!). Also, no one ever invites me to go on random 5 mile jogs just for the sake of running. (Like, why would I run for fun?). I’m not saying that every NARP is the same, but I personally HATE running. Which leads me to the main reason I was asked to write this post.  

Are you a fellow NARPer that hates running? Trying to stay in shape but you just can’t find a cardio workout that works for you?

Well, look no further because I may just have the solution to your dilemma! This semester I decided to go out on a whim and take a Spinning class. Spinning is a cardio workout on a stationary bicycle that varies in intensity depending on the instructor and willpower of the “spinner” (is that what we’re called? Lol).


Before we get into that, let me explain my background just a little bit.

I was a very athletically involved child. From cheerleading, to soccer, to basketball (yeah, I don’t wanna talk about that point in my life), to swimming, to gymnastics, and ballet, my parents made sure I wasn’t a sedentary kid. So, my attitude going into my first Spinning class was that of confidence.

How hard could this possibly be? I’ve been active my whole life except for these past few years in college.


Boy, did those first 15 minutes give me a run for my money! I didn’t think I was going to make it through the entire 60 minute class. But after the first few classes I started getting better at pacing myself and learning what resistance levels were my max and bumping that maximum resistance up a little higher each class. I can definitely say that I can feel and see results in my overall health and strength in my lower body. Spinning is now probably my favorite cardio workout to date.

I’m still on the lookout for the perfect workout to tone my arms though…(Leave suggestions below)

But until then,