Harvard Crimson + BU Scarlet & White: Stay In Your Lane


This week I ran at two separate meets: The Harvard Crimson Elite Meet on Friday and Boston University's Scarlet and White Invitational on Saturday.  During the week I was feeling pretty good.  If you're caught up on my post race recaps, then you know my body felt a little off a few weeks ago, and I've been bouncing back from that.  This week I really felt like I was I almost back at 100%; ready to push myself to get some good times.

I ran the 60m dash at Harvard, and the 200m at BU. I warmed up a little too early for the heats of the 60, partly because it was kind of cold in their facility.  They were sticking to the schedule early on, so there was a lot of waiting around on my part to get going.  Because of this, I ended up getting too jittery at the start of the race.  I had to force myself to calm down so that I wouldn't false start, and that ended up reflecting in my start.  I wasn't forceful getting out, but I made it up in form and pushing later in the race.  The finals didn't go as well.  Again, my start needed work, but my later half was better.  Even though there weren't any PR's that day, I was still happy with the times, since they were pretty close to my PR (PR is 7.49, I ran 7.52 and 7.54).  Physically, I felt really good, and now I know what I need to focus on to get where I want to be.

For the Scarlet and White Meet I only had the 200 to run.  The last time I ran the 200 was at the BU Multi-Team Meet, where I ended up nearly tying my indoor PR of 24.70.  I felt great through my warm up, and I tried to focus on my form as I went through my strides.  My coach told me what I needed to focus on during the race (as he does before all my races), and he reminded me that I should make sure I maintained good posture with powerful pushes.  The race went great, in my opinion.  I always like to tell myself that the goal is to overtake the person/people on the outside lane(s) (of course, that's only if I'm not on the outside lane myself).  This time I just focused on keeping upright, and keeping up my strong stride.  I overtook the girl in lane 6 at the beginning of the second curve and made my last push to the line.  I felt a little tight in the last 50m, but I managed to avoid tightening up and finished my race strong.  The final result was a new indoor 200m PR of 24.41

I think one of the biggest things I got out of that race was to focus more on myself than everyone else around me. 

My coach is always telling me to run my race and "stay in my lane" while I run.  This was one of those races where I could definitely understand what he means.  Not focusing on trying to catch the person ahead of me allowed me to focus on keeping my form right and avoid tightening up from trying to force my body to go faster.  Near the end of the race I felt someone coming up from behind me, but I made sure not to panic and focused on just getting across the line.  My coach calls it a "mature" way to run, and I like that description.  For me, it lets me know how far I've come since starting at BU.  My races used to always hinge on what people did around me, and if I felt panicked during my race, then it would usually end badly.  Now, I'm learning and understanding that if I just stay calm and run my race, that the results will be great.  Some days I still react to the things going on around me, but I'm getting better at staying in my lane, and my times are starting to reflect that.

For those that raced this weekend, how did it go?  What do you need to work on?

❤ Gemma