Note To Self: Stop Underestimating Yourself

Last week I officially started my training for the year, and I was surprisingly happy with how it turned out.  I came down with a cold on Monday, and I'm just now getting over it today (Sunday).  So, my week definitely started a little rocky.  On Tuesday I had a hard tempo workout, but I was still able to hit the times I was supposed to.  Wednesday was interesting as I got back into the sprint mentality and sped through a few sets of 60m runs.  By Friday I was feeling pretty good about myself.  Friday is our hard workout day, and I went into it feeling both anxious about how it would go, and excited to see just where my body was really at.  My running partner that day was my friend, Maya, and she was pretty anxious, too, but we pumped ourselves up and got after it.


We ended up killing the workout!  When I was halfway through, I couldn't help mentioning to Maya about how good I still felt (I had expected to feel like crap by this point).  By the end of it all, I felt great.  I had the passing thought that I could do one more rep, but that was only a thought (I would probably never voluntarily do that, haha!).

Maya and I tried to figure out why it wasn't as hard as we thought it was going to be and came to the conclusion that we underestimated ourselves.  In our minds, this workout was going to be death because we couldn't imagine getting through so many long(er) reps, and still having the energy to get through the last 150's well.  

We're in way better shape than we think, and shouldn't be so scared about workouts.  Yes, some of them will be very tough, but we shouldn't go jump into them with the idea already planted in our heads that it will be difficult to finish them, because that only makes things worse.  

So, this is my formal to myself (and to you, as well):  

Stop underestimating yourself.  

You're stronger and better than you give yourself credit for.  

Do you guys ever find yourself underestimating yourselves, too  Why do you think that is?    


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