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Is It Really Sunday If You Haven't Had Brunch?

Last Sunday I went out to celebrate a friend's birthday and remembered just how awesome it is not to cook on Sunday.  I never truly appreciated the act of "brunching" until I moved to Boston and was presented with a million restaurants offering their own variations of it.  Whether I'm making it myself or eating out at some random eatery, I can't imagine a Sunday without brunch. 

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What I Ate Wednesday | How a Non-Athlete Fuels Herself

Hi, everyone!  Today's post is a guest blog from Alison at Daily Moves and Grooves!  I wouldn't classify her as a NARP (non-athletic regular person) since she is an active person, so let's just say she's an awesome girl who makes my eating look like crap and has a talent for making her daily life sound super interesting, haha.  I love reading her "What I Ate Wednesday" posts, and figured a lot of my readers would love it, too!  She even shared an awesome recipe for a green overnight oat smoothie bowl!  Check out Alison's post below!

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