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3 Reasons Why Hiring A Student-Athlete Is One Of The Best Decisions You'll Ever Make

The other day my coach tweeted an article about speed training sprinting that caught my eye.  One section of the article was titled "Doing Too Much Extra Work On Top of Sport Practice" and it basically said that athletes shouldn't think push themselves to do a lot of extra workouts on the side because it might affect their training.  Being me, my mind went off in a complete tangent from there and I immediately had flashbacks on my struggles as a student-athlete.  Long nights, the never-ending feeling of always being tired, knowing that after this competition is over, I still have to finish that essay that counts for half my grade, or be up early to give that presentation that my group is counting on me for.  It meant bus rides spent studying and study groups in hotel rooms.  Nevertheless, with these countless struggles, came a lot of positives.  Positives that equate to reasons why you should seriously consider hiring the next student-athlete that walks into your office.

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ESSAY | How Track Saved Me From Depression

If I’m being honest, I’ve probably gone through this in my head too many times to count, but have never had the courage to actually sit and write everything down.  The only reason you’re actually reading this now is because my friend, Brandi, encouraged me to share my story.  This was and will probably be the hardest thing I’ve ever sat down to write.  Here’s your warning:  this post is extremely long.  It’s definitely more of an essay than one of my typical blog posts, but I knew that if I was going to write about this, then I wanted to write about it, including all the gory details that I’ve always been too embarrassed to share with anybody.

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