The Road Less Traveled

Even though I post weekly reviews, I feel like I never really go in-depth into the events of my life.  I've never been the type of person to share every detail of my life online (or in-person), and that's not going to change dramatically any time soon, but I will try to give a few more details when I can.  

Life and Training Updates on Actively Gemma


I've mentioned that I've been busy with work a few times in my past weekly reviews.  A little while ago, I got a job at a startup called HelloToken.  They help bloggers make more money faster without the use of ads (they provide consumer surveys, instead).  

I'm a content developer, social media manager, and all-around general helper-type person.  I basically do everything I do for my own blog (writing, planning, editing, social media), but a lot more specific and targeted for them.  I like it because I feel like I'm always learning something new (that I can apply here), and I'm gaining actual work experience that can be applied anywhere.


The Boston U. Track Team rolling out

As most people know by now, my main coach got a new job at Stanford.  It's been an interesting transition in training styles for both me and the team, but we've attacked everything head on.  The team captains and I have stepped up in helping out with coaching and motivating where we can, and I feel like that has given me a whole new perspective on this running thing.

I plan on writing a more detailed post on the coaching perspective, though, so keep an eye out for that in the coming week!

Social Life

I mentioned in my monthly goals that I wanted to work more on my non-existent social life this month.  That has gone a little better.  I had brunch with my good friends, Brandi and Jennifer, last Sunday and had and chill day just hanging around (and napping).

Sunday Brunch - French Toast, Scrambled Eggs, and Home Fries [actively gemma]
Brandi and Jennifer being goofy as I slave away in the kitchen lol

Brandi and Jennifer being goofy as I slave away in the kitchen lol

I kind of feel like I'm still in school, but school has been replaced by work.  I spend all of my time either at the track or at work, and sometimes I just feel too tired to go out anywhere.  

I'm still going to work on it, though, and make the effort to stay in touch with people, so on those rare occasions I do want go out, I actually have the option available.

So how has your life been lately?  Anything exciting happening?