Meet Recap | BU Valentine Invitational


Last weekend I competed at the BU Valentine Invitational.  As one of the biggest track meets that BU hosts, it is always a fun experience to both compete in and watch races at Valentine.  I only had one race, the 60, and of course that flew by in less than 8 seconds.  My start is still a work in progress.  Out of every 5, maybe like 1 or 2 are where they need to be.  This of course is a random estimate that I grabbed out of thin air,  haha.  But you get what I mean.  They're not very consistent at all.   

In the 60, the start is everything.  You have a little time to come back in the second half of the race, but you're usually not going to get the time you want unless you get your start be great.  This particular day, I felt too forward at the start.  I'm not sure if I raised my hips too high at the start, or if I just pushed myself forward in general, but all of this affected my transition phase and prevented me from getting to that full upright position that I needed to be in.  I ended up getting third with a time of 7.52, so at least my time is back to being consistent (the good kind of consistent), and I wasn't too depressed about the race.

The rest of the weekend was spent watching my teammates compete and spending time with my friends.  This year the meet landed on my birthday, so I asked my friends to come watch me run.  Having them come to my meet really meant a lot to me, especially since track is usually not the sport that most people go out of their way to watch. 

This week is our conference meet.  I'm looking to help my team get as many points as possible, and to hopefully PR along the way.  Since it's a 3 day meet, I have a lot more chances than usual to get things right.  I'll be running the 60 three times, the 200 twice, and I might even be running a 4x400 😅

It's always an exhilarating time competing and supporting my teammates during conference, and I'm excited to get back on the track.  I'll make sure to post to my Twitter and Instagram, so follow me there for real-time updates!

Stay Motivated and Active!