What Really Makes A Great Coach?

Sanders doing his coaching thing

I was originally going to create this amazing post about trust and coaching. 

 It was going to have all these great points made on why trust and coaching go hand in hand, and ways for athletes to learn to trust their coaches and deal with conflicts.  Then I was going to end with this kick-ass post about how my coach rocks and how much I appreciate everything he's done for me.  

Now I'm just going to write an appreciation post.  Because I can.  And I want to.  So let me take this second to be sappy for once :P

I'm kind of at a loss at where I should start, so I'm just going to make a list and post things as they pop into my mind throughout the day.

Why Sanders Is An Awesome Coach

Boston University Girls Track Photo
  • He loves his job.  If he could get married to coaching he would.  
  • He's approachable.  If I had any concerns about training or had anything to discuss, he was always open to listening and discussing it.
  • He knows when to have fun.  There are times at training when we have to buckle down and get serious, and there are times when everyone's just cracking jokes and laughing.  Both are needed (because if practice was serious all the time, I'd go crazy) and Sanders understands that.
  • He's always learning and adapting.  Sanders' coaching style was way different my freshman year compared to my senior year at Boston University.  He understands that there's always something to learn, even as a coach, and is always going to workshops and reading articles and junk.  His Twitter is proof of that.
  • He played a HUGE role in where I am as an athlete (and person) today.  So much so, that it's hard for me to even imagine what track will be like without him coaching me.
  • He watches Rick and Morty.  Enough said.
  • Even though I just said "enough said", I'm going to say something else, anyway.  He has been and will remain one of my best supporters and friend.  OK, now, I'm done.
Sanders photobombing

Basically, what I'm trying to get across is that he's done a lot for me. A looooot.  And for my team.  And that he's affected my life, both on and off the track, in ways I'll probably not fully comprehend until months and years down the line.  And I'll always appreciate that.  So...yea..

Thanks, Sanders!  I know you'll do great things at Stanford and beyond! :D