What I Ate Wednesday | The Laziest of Days

Even though this is supposed to be a "What I Ate Wednesday", I'm going to post about Tuesday (yesterday), because that was the day I remembered to document my food intake, haha.  

So, here's my eats for Tuesday, August 18th!

whole wheat toast with chunky almond butter and two boiled eggs


My sleep schedule was blown to smithereens early last week and it has been a struggle to get it back on track.  I've basically been trying to get my regular nap + 7-8 hours at night, instead of staying up all day or night.  I'm almost where I need it to be, but yesterday was a struggle.  I woke up at 5 AM, gobbled down a simple, protein-packed breakfast of whole wheat toast with chunky almond butter and two boiled eggs, and immediately dropped back to bed for more sleep until practice.

Post-Practice Snack

After practice I was kinda starving, so I grabbed some rice crisps to snack on until I got home.  I actually tried the cheddar ones first, but I didn't like the taste.  I decided to save them for when I'm really starving so I won't care about what they taste like, and ate these caramel ones instead.  I highly recommend these ones 👍

Caramel Corn Rice Crisps


If you're a long time follower of my blog or know me in real life, you know I love meal planning.  I basically try to convince everyone I meet to try it because I believe in the benefits of it so much.  This week I was feeling lazy, though.  Also, I'm going home to Connecticut on Friday, so I didn't want to buy or make anything that I wouldn't be able to finish before I left.  So, I settled on something quick and easy - Japanese curry and rice!  I made a huge pot Sunday evening, and have been eating it for lunch and/or dinner since then.  Some days, I add a side of spinach for extra veggies, but I was too tired after getting home to go through the trouble.

Curry and Rice all prepped and ready to eat

Curry and Rice all prepped and ready to eat

Japanese curry and rice - it has chicken, potatoes, and carrots in it :)


After lunch, I took a nap, but wasn't that hungry when I woke up.  I ended up just having blueberry waffles and earl grey green tea for dinner, and snacked on frozen grapes as I wrote this.  I prefer green grapes because they're so sour, but the red grapes were cheaper so I forced myself to buy them instead.  They're OK, I guess *shrugs*

Blueberry Waffles and Earl Grey Green Tea

Frozen Red Grapes

I'd love to know if any of you plan and/or prep your meals ahead of time.  If you do, what do you make?  I'm always on the look-out for new meal ideas :3

Also, what color grape is your favorite - red or green?  I feel like most people I meet say red for some reason ><

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