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Last week I went on my first trip to Nigeria!  I was sent there for the Warri Relays, a track meet that Nigeria hosts every year.  Last year, I wasn't able to go due to visa complications, so it was a huge relief to be able to join my teammates this time around and join them on the adventure.

This meet actually came immediately after I spent a whole week with my teammate, Flings, traveling to meets in New York and Canada.  As most of you don't know, I'm the type of person that always forgets something or other when I go on a trip, no matter how hard I try to remember everything.  To combat that, I now sit down, make a list, and check and re-check said list to make the chances of me forgetting something reduce by at least 91%.  By the time I had to pack for my trip to Nigeria I felt like a had packing down pat!  So, now that I've gained my professional packer status, I decided to share some track and field travel essentials and pro-tips for track meets.

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2015 Patriot League Indoor Championships | Day 1: Pre-Meet Behaviours

This past weekend was one of the most exhausting I've had in a long while.  About half my team and I left Boston Thursday morning around 10 and arrived in Annapolis, Maryland around 7 PM.  Yes, it was a 9 hour bus ride.  Luckily, I had a whole section of seats to myself so I could stretch out, and I pretty much slept the entire time. 

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