Feels Like Insomnia

This past week I had way too many long nights - for no reason.  Well, there technically was a reason.  Korean dramas (of course).  I found a few great ones that were extremely long (over 20 episodes is long for those kind of shows), and I ended up staying up late because I just wanted to watch one more before I went to bed (it's never just one).  This week I'm going to make a better effort at going to bed at a decent time.  

Other than that, my week wasn't too special.  The highlight was going to H-MArt, an Asian grocery store in Cambridge, to grab a few things and to visit the cafe inside.  I love going to a good bakery that has fresh baked goods, but I can never bring myself to go to them often (they're usually too far away to go frequently).  I grabbed a quick snack and enjoyed a nice cup of tea.  I also may have ended up falling asleep for an hour after stuffing my face (oops).  

We had our first Saturday practice of the year, as well.  The workout was surprisingly difficult, but I managed to hit most of my times.  There was a point near the end of the workout where almost all the team was laid out on the track (and on the sidelines), which would have made me laugh out loud if I hadn't been bent over trying to catch my breath between reps.

All in all, it was a pretty chill week.  I'm planning on having brunch with some friends on today (Sunday), and getting a head-start on work and blog posts.  I feel like I've been slacking on my posting frequency, and I want that to change.  If you want me to talk about anything in particular let me know, and I'll see what I can do!


So, how was your week?  Eat anything tasty?