2016 | A Year Of Growth

These past few weeks I’ve been pretty absent from my blog, as I’m sure you’ve noticed (or not). Not on purpose, of course. I actually had a few cool ideas I wanted to write about, but procrastinated so long that I lost the motivation to actually get them up. I feel like that happens to me every now and then, and I’m hoping I’ll be able to find the key to consistency this year.

I at least found the motivation to write this, so that's a start.

Here are the rest of my goals/resolutions for this year

A Year Of Growth - activelygemma

Track. #RIOorBUST. I want to qualify and go to the Olympics. That’s not something that should surprise anyone that frequents the blog, of course. I’m looking towards Brazil this summer, and I’m hoping to be able to take you all along with me (in spirit).

Health. 2016 will be the year of hydration. I’m one of those weird people who hates water (except when working out). I’m sure that’s affected me negatively in ways I probably haven’t realized, and I want to see what happens when I drink water regularly.

Leisure. I’ve been spending most of my down time sleeping, listening to podcasts (my current obsession is The Weekly Plant Podcast), and binge-watching anime and asian dramas. While all of that has been great and helps pass the time, I feel like I’m not growing much mentally. I miss the feeling of finishing a book and feeling like suddenly my whole viewpoint has changed. I want to get back to that, so I’m going to push to read more books this year. I don’t want to put a number on it because that never works out for me, but I definitely want to get back into being a bookworm.

If I were to put all my goals into one word, I’d say it was growth. I’m still trying to figure out this “adult” thing and figure out where I want my life to lead. I probably won’t figure it all out in one year, but I’d like to take some steps to get closer to the answer.

I hope all of you had an amazing New Year, however you spent it. If you want to share some of your resolutions with me, I’d love to hear them in the comments below!