Getting Back Into The Daily Routine

I've been back in Boston for a couple weeks now, and slowly re-adjusting back into my normal routine.  My days can be summed up pretty easily:  practice, preparing meals, working, and trying to force my body to fall asleep earlier.  Not too exciting, but that's life for you.  It isn't always an adventure. 

The first read of the year is One More Thing:  Stories and Other Stories by B.J. Novak.  Technically, it was Poorly Drawn Lines, but I’m not sure how much that counts.  It was very amusing and if I had the time to analyze it a little closer, I’d probably find a lot of deeper meanings in each comic (like with Calvin & Hobbes).   

Weekly Bullet Journal Spread

I’ve been planning/journaling, again.  Setting up the pages is a good stress-reliever/procrastination tactic, and I love looking back at old notebooks and journals and getting a glimpse at my past self.  I’m going with the non-traditional method of bullet journaling because I like the freedom and creativity you can take with it.  

Practice with Sled Pulls

I had the best workout in a long while Thursday.  It was just long-ish block work and an all-out 300, but I hit a great groove in the blocks and hit around 40 point in the 300, which is around the same time I hit in the December meet.  For those lost in all that jargon, basically I’m super proud I went into my workout with certain expectations of myself and achieved them.  Of course there’s still things I need to work on, but it’s always nice to see the progress I’ve made in these past few months.

How do you get back into a routine?  Do you gradually fall into it or jump head first?