A Love Renewed

Photo: Fuji Television Network Inc./East Entertainment/Netflix

Photo: Fuji Television Network Inc./East Entertainment/Netflix

Have you ever watched a show that both renewed your faith in the world while simultaneously made you want to explore the ins and outs of a country? OK, that was a leading question. I just didn't know how to introduce one of my favorite shows to you.

Surprisingly, I haven't mentioned my love of Terrace House, yet. I'd love to wax poetic about the ins and outs of how this show will make you fall in love with the simplicity of everyday life, but I'll leave it at that for now. 

I know the show is definitely a hit or miss for a lot of people. I've recommended it to a few people and sadly, none have really gotten into it as much as I have. It's hard to say why I like it so much, though. I love how simple it is. How it's actually unscripted, and not fake unscripted like a lot of reality shows are these days. I love how the "drama" isn't so extreme and is the kind of thing that pops up when random people live together in a house.

Terrace House . Photo: Netflix

Terrace House. Photo: Netflix

There are no fistfights or shouting matches or random cups of water being thrown. It's just people - living their lives, working on their dreams, and sometimes finding love along the way.

Terrace House renewed my dream of wanting to visit and live in Japan. It reminds me why I want to learn Japanese. It shows me the beauty of Japanese culture and gives me amazing shots of places I'd love to visit someday.

Despite the fact it's definitely not for everyone, I'll always recommend for you to watch a few episodes and decide for yourself how you feel about it. A few seasons are currently available on Netflix for those that are interested. If you've watched it, let me know how you feel about it. Whether you liked it or not, I'm always happy to hear what people think of it.