Taking A Breather

Photo Source:  GQ Magazine

Photo Source: GQ Magazine

Today was one of those days that was slow and lazy with a little bit of imaginary hecticness sprinkled on top for no reason. I woke up early, stressed about the work I had to get done as I lied there, fell asleep and had weird stress-dreams about said work, and finally woke up and got out of bed as I attempted to tackle the very long to-do list I had waiting for me. All the while the sun shone and the birds chirped as my mind buzzed through the relatively peaceful morning. 

The highlight of my day was taking a break from all of that and going to see Deadpool 2 with my housemates, Flings and Ramon. It was everything I hoped it would be; hilarious, punny, and super quippy. (Sidenote: I just learned "punny" was a real word when I looked it up for this post).

Zazie Beetz as Domino in Deadpool 2 Promotion

Ryan Reynolds makes an amazing Deadpool and Zazie Beetz kicked ass as the lucky Domino. And who can forget the super lovable minor character that just saw the ad?!  (You'll understand if you've seen it).

If you loved the first Deadpool movie as much as I did, you'll most likely like this sequel. I think some people have said it can get a little same-y, but I think there are enough new nuances added that it's hard not enjoy yourself. And I think that's the point of it all. It's just about having fun. Forgetting your stresses for a good 2 hours to laugh at meta-references that make you feel your part of some inside joke. Or something like that. All I'm saying is, I was entertained and if you go to see it, I hope you are, too.