Photo Diary | Durban & Elmina

I spent most of June training and racing in Ghana and South Africa and spent a lot of my down time trying to de-stress and see the positives of weird situations by appreciating my surroundings.

You might have seen some of the shots on my INSTAGRAM or even in my MOST RECENT VLOG on the African Champs. in Durban, but here are a few more shots that I just couldn't leave sitting on my hard drive.

Also, I have a GoFundMe page now. If you want to know the story behind it, just scroll down. But if you want to just go straight to helping a girl out *wink*wink*nudge*nudge*, then here's the link

P.S. At the end of my last blog post I had a huge blurb about my Patreon. My mom said Patreon is too complicated for people, so she took it upon herself to make me a GoFundMe instead. She actually wanted me to make it, but I was too lazy to set up a whole nother donation page.

Funnily enough, she put the goal super high (I have no idea where she got the number 10k from), so ignore that and just give whatever you can if you can. Everything given will go towards bills I need to take care of while I'm away (who knew Olympians still had to pay bills) and outstanding debts I have lying around from traveling to meets during the year.

Anyway, for those confused by Patreon, GoFundMe is much more straightforward, so head there if you want to support me on the last leg of my journey. Every little bit helps! Thank you! 

<3 Gemma