Durban 2016

This is just a short vlog I threw together about the African Athletics Championships in Durban. I couldn't put every race in there, but I did make sure to include our 4x100 pre-Olympic qualifier so you can see the progress we made while training in Cape Coast.

I might also post a photo diary because I took some great shots in Durban that I really don't want to go to waste, so keep an eye out for that, as well!

There's still time to contribute to my journey!

I've qualified for Rio with my relay and would still appreciate the helping hand for last minute expenses that need to be taken care of while I'm away. I prefer using Patreon over GoFundMe, but if you prefer not helping out monthly you can always just make a one-time donation. If you personally can't give anything, that's fine, too, but sharing the link is always appreciated!

Thanks for all the support, everyone! <3