Weekly Review | Life Goes On

Scenic Boston Fall street
In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.
— Robert Frost

This was a rough week for a lot of people. While I knew Trump had a chance at winning, I was still surprised he pulled it off. At the same time, I haven’t been unaware of how Americans can be. I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by people who share (mostly) the same viewpoints as myself on and offline. However, I realized a long time ago that all Americans don’t have the same values. I’m sure by now you’ve all been inundated with a slew of political talk, so I’ll keep it at that for now. I’m sad, disappointed, and worried about the future, but I won’t let that stop me from living. So, on to how the rest of my week went.

A small, working lunch from Japonaise Bakery in Brookline

My mom told me I should focus on bettering myself right now. I agreed. Then I spent the week eating horribly, getting very little sleep, and drowning myself in soda. All I’ll say about that is, I do not do well with temptation.

I’m back in my normal environment now, and looking to get back on track. I think I’m coming down with a cold, so I can't afford another week of throwing my body and immune system to the wolves. I think as a motivator I’ll make short, daily posts about everything I eat this week. Just to give myself another dose of accountability.

Despite all that, I had a pretty good week where track and field is concerned. It was testing week! I didn’t test at all last year, so I wasn’t sure where I would be when it was all said and done.

On the track I had a 150 and a 300. It was my first time testing with a 150 and it was interesting to see where I’d land. My goal was to run at least 17.5, and I ended up running 17.2, so I was a little less worried about the 300 after that. I wanted to run 38 for this, but had to settle for 39.3. Looking back at the post I made when I tested two years ago, I ran pretty much the same time (it was 39.4 back then). I’m not sure how to feel about that, just yet. My coach says I need to learn to run more controlled and relaxed, so now I know one more thing I need to focus on, at least.

Self-care helps me manage those bad days

Later in the week I had my first real track workout of the season. I was pretty nervous about it, but I managed to hit the times. I think I did OK for it being the first one, but I definitely did not drink enough water beforehand. I was fine with the booty-lock, but I ended up getting a horrible migraine which took me out of commission for a long while. It's not uncommon for me to get headaches after some workouts, but this one was the worst by far. A clear sign that my water intake has been worse than usual, if that's even possible. 

Here’s how the weight room maxes went down: 145 power clean, 260 squat, 350 deadlift, and 105 bench press. I’ve always struggled with cleans and bench press, but I was happy I got to max out. I felt like I was stagnant with them these past few years, and I’m looking to use these next few lift cycles to work on them more.

On the other hand, I was a little disappointed with my squat max, but I knew it wasn’t going to jump up a whole lot this time around. I’ve been missing a lot of my squat days due to work, so I was basically just looking to not to go down at all.

Boston University Track and Field Brunch
Boston University Track and Field Brunch featuring Djenne Parris

All in all, it’s been a pretty surreal week. My emotions have been all over the place, but thankfully I’ve learned when to focus on my self-care and I have people in my life to keep me grounded.

Considering the election, I won't ask how your week has been as a sign-off. Instead, I’ll offer you an ear if you need to talk or vent in the comments (or by email) and remind you that it’s never a selfish thing to put yourself first.