Springtime in Boston (Kind Of)

The Boston sky from Nickerson Field

Boston can't decide whether it wants to be warm or not. On the days where the sun decided to show it's face, I tried to get as much vitamin D in as I could.

Springtime in Boston (finally)
Post-Practice Sunbathing

Also, I didn't feel exhausted on Sunday, so I went to the Japan Festival that was held downtown. I'm glad I went. I enjoyed the booths, bought a few nice trinkets, and generally just felt proud of myself for getting out of bed. Go, me!

Japan Festival Boston 2017
Japan Festival Boston 2017
Japan Festival Boston 2017

Still trying to get my groove back. Look out for more brief posts as time goes on. I'd like to give more glimpses into my life, especially when the track season picks up and I get busier.

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