The Catch Up

Of the many things I pointed to as proof that runners were lunatics, top on the list was their willingness to find pain on a regular basis, invite it into their bodies, and have meaningful interactions with it.
— Mark Parent, Running Pains Hurt So Good

Hello. It’s me. Back from my abrupt but much-needed break.

I took a break from track, from blogging (though I wasn’t all that consistent to begin with), and from stressing…kind of.

I thought about making a huge long post about what you’ve all missed, but decided against it. Let’s forego dragging this out and just jump right in. If I think too much more on this, I’ll never get it out.


Here’s how I spent the last few months, in no particular order:

  • Painted most of my room white. I left one wall alone to act as an accent. I think it brightens the place up in a huge way.

  • Went to London with my mom and brother for my cousin’s wedding. It was our first family vacation since I was a kid and it was much needed. I haven’t been able to experience travel as an actual tourist in so long, and I loved it. It was great not having to worry about training, or racing, or watching what I eat for once. And it was amazing being able to spend some quality time with family. It was an experience I didn’t know I needed until I got it.

  • Spent a week in October celebrating my friend’s birthday in the Dominican Republic. Another fun week away from responsibilities and stress. I jumped off waterfalls, ate delicious food, and basked in the glow of love from new and old friends. Just another reminder good friends are much needed in life.

  • Got back to Syracuse and milked my off-season to the fullest. I ate shitty, ruined my sleep schedule, and really relaxed as much as I could. I haven’t had a real break in about 4 years, and I probably won’t get another one like it for at least another 2. Despite how much of a struggle it is to get back in shape, I have absolutely no regrets.

  • Fast-forward a month and I’m back to training. The first week sucked. The second week I worried I was behind. The third week I felt like I was finally back in the swing of things. At times, I feel so behind, but I just need to keep reminding myself every day that there’s absolutely no rush. This is the time to put in the work. I just have to find the joy in the journey.

London through the tourist eye
Mountain view in the Dominican Republic
Beauty in the Mundane
Some of the extended Acheampong family
The Northeast in Autumn sure is scenic

How have you been? Anything you’re dying to share?